Negative reviews in Apple Podcasts

Many podcasts that appear to be bombed, or have at least attracted a large number of negative reviews, involve already controversial hosts

Podcast reviews can be easy to game, and Apple Podcasts has become the main target for angry fans interested in taking down a show. Apple’s service is the biggest name in podcasting, and it’s one of the few major platforms that allows listeners to leave public reviews. While hosts abused that feature in the past to beat the system with fake positive reviews, others have used it to inundate hosts they don’t like with a barrage of one-star marks, making the shows look like a bust.

Ashley Carman, The Verge

Spotify takes Spotify for Podcasters out of beta

Spotify is going to give podcasters listener data they can’t get anywhere else. The company is taking its Spotify for Podcasters dashboard out of a beta today, giving more podcasters a chance to see data like their listeners’ music taste, age, gender, location, and how long they listened to a particular episode. Apart from Apple, which offers some show analytics, this is the most detailed information podcasters likely have about their audience.

Ashley Carman, The Verge

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Podcast Giant Goes Global

From The New York Times:

For years, iHeartMedia, which operates about 850 radio stations in the United States and has a popular online music app, iHeartRadio, mostly sat on the sidelines of the podcast revolution. Now it is going all in. Last year, the company bought Stuff Media, the studio that produces “Stuff You Should Know” and other shows, for $55 million, and Robert W. Pittman, iHeartMedia’s chief executive, considers podcasts an essential part of iHeartMedia’s offerings.